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zalmen pollak

Maybe it’s been more than ten years since you bought a fridge which means it probably wasn’t the best choice for being energy efficient. But if it is still in good working order there are ways to save money and power until you can buy the one with the top energy star rating.

Keep the fridge clean and well maintained. Dust and grime on the coils at the back of the unit will force the compressor to work harder. Wiping up spills as they occur will make the job easier, so you won’t need to keep the door open for as long. Check the rubber seals and replace as soon as they start to wear out or come away from the edges.

Do you need the beer or bar fridge to run all year? If a fridge has little in it there is really no need to keep it running all the time. It is great to have that extra cooling area for beer and soft drinks in peak holiday times or for parties and special occasions, but for the rest of the year you might be able to make do with one fridge or the next time you need to buy a fridge you could look at getting the larger size.

The air needs to circulate if you want your refrigerator to run efficiently so move things away from the side and rear walls. This will also stop condensation from building up. In some fridges this condensation will freeze, then eventually melt into your vegetable crisper at the bottom or worse still create a pool of water over the floor.

An overly crowded fridge means the door will be open longer as people struggle to find what they are looking for. It also means the compressor will have to continually cut in to get the air to the correct temperature. Two thirds full are telling you the fridge may be too big for your needs.

Cool leftovers before placing in refrigerator. As soon as hot air enters the cooler temperature inside the motor is going to kick and have to run longer to running longer to maintain the regulated temperature.

An open fridge door lets the cool air out and the heat in. Keeping the opening time down to a minimum is a must if you want to cut your energy use. Instead of continually going back and forth while preparing a meal, think about what you need ahead of time, open the door once and get everything out at the same time.

Teach children not to stand in opposite of the fridge with the door wide open while they decide what they want. If the old fridge is nearing its use by date, look carefully at the units on the market that have a high energy efficiency rating. The initial investment might be more than the fridges that use more power, but this is the best opportunity you’ll have to reduce your power bills for the next ten years or

zalmen pollak

Best energy saving tips for refrigerators
Best energy saving tips for refrigerators
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Keep the fridge clean and well maintained. Check the rubber seals and replace as soon as they start to wear out or come away from the edges.
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