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by matthew gordon on Appliance Medic

Terrific Service!!

by Bruce H. on Appliance Medic

I needed a repair on my washing machine. The technician, George, did an excellent, professional and very neat job. I will continue to use and will recommend Appliance Medic to my friends

by Omri on Appliance Medic
Great Service

They fixed a switch on my stove range viking quickly and at a reasonable price.

by allen on Appliance Medic
washing machine

Appliance-medic provides excellent services. We are really glad to join appliance-medic to get best service appliance repair

by Mary on Appliance Medic
Best company ever

Please believe these reviews about how good this company is,
They came back to repair the work and they treat their  customer like own friends   make sure to call them

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How To Clean the Inside of Your Viking Fridge in 30 Minutes or Less

How To Clean the Inside of Your Viking Fridge in 30 Minutes or Less
1) Empty the Fridge
You can do this all at once or in sections. I prefer to do it all at once. The thought of the food sitting out helps me do everything faster. Set aside two areas for setting items down: one area for things that need to be cleaned out (outdated leftovers in Tupperware, for example) and another area for items that need to be put back into the fridge. Anything that needs to be discarded that’s not in a container you want to keep goes straight into the trash, of course.

2) Clean Contents

If your fridge is less than pristine, chances are that your milk carton and olive jar aren’t squeaky clean either. With a damp rag, wipe the bottoms of items and also clean any drips on the sides. If lid areas need a little TLC, tackle those too. You want everything you return to the fridge to be clean so you’re not spreading messes around. You can clean out leftovers containers now, or wait until you’re done with the fridge.

3) Clean the Inside of the Fridge

If you can remove shelves and drawers from Viking Refrigerator do it. Spray the inside of the fridge with a solution of vinegar and water, concentrating on soiled areas and let it soak in. Wash the removed shelves and drawers with warm soapy water and set them aside to dry. Head back to the fridge and wipe everything down with a rag.

4) Return Contents

Dry shelves and drawers and return them to the fridge. Next, place all newly cleaned items back in the fridge in their respective areas. (I have my fridge sections labelled to help keep items where they belong, but that’s just me.)

Step back and admire your sparkling fridge!

How to Choose the Right Laundry Appliances


How to Choose the Right Laundry Appliances Zalmen pollak
If it’s time for a new clothes washer and dryer, these tips will help you select the models you’ll really love. Some come in matched pairs, but you may want to mix and match to find appliances with the features that are right for you.

How Big Should You Buy?

Most people buy clothes washers and dryers that are too large. They get swayed by the salesperson who pushes the 4.4 cubic foot washer and 7.4 cubic foot dryer that can do king-size quilts, hug pillows and your entire wardrobe in one load. The problem is, you may rarely use the capacity. When you run the washer and dryer below capacity, you are wasting energy, water and money. Choose capacities that will run full most or all of the time.
Do you Want Sanitizing Heat?
Quite a few washing machines are equipped with on-board heaters to boost the water temperature to levels certified by the National Safety Foundation (NSF). The heat is usually rated to kill the proverbial 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Who buys these machines? They are popular with those whose daily work and habits take them into crowded public places where germs are prevalent. Parents of young children also buy them, and they make sense if older adults are in the household since they tend to be more susceptible to serious consequences from illnesses.

Zalmen Pollak - Appliance Medic

Steam Dryers are Hot – But Will You Use the Steam?
The steam function on the dryer is useful for removing wrinkles from clothing. It will reduce the need for ironing. If you launder your business attire instead of having it dry cleaned, then the steamer might come in quite handy, reducing ironing time significantly.

A second reason to consider steam is that it can be used to kill germs and bacteria on soft items that are non-washable. These items include pillows, children’s toys and stuffed animals. The steam function, like the sanitizing heat in the washer, will boost the cost. If you don’t plan to use it consistently, it’s not worth the price.

Zalmen Pollak - Appliance Medic

Is the Extra Cost of Gas Worth It?

Gas dryers cost much less to run than electric dryers. They often cost a bit more to buy, and if you don’t have a gas line already, installation can be costly. If a gas line is in place, then the hands-down choice is a gas dryer. It heats up immediately to shorten drying times. Your utility bills will be lower because gas costs less.

If you need a gas line run, contact a plumber for an estimate. Then, take into consideration how long you intend to live in your current residence. If it’s just a few years, electric might be a cost-effective choice. If you intend to live there at least 3 years, the cost savings of gas might make installing a gas line a good choice.

When you buy a clothes washer and dryer with the right capacity, features and performance for your needs, you’ll be satisfied with it now and in the years to come.

Zalmen Pollak Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Dishwasher
Electronic appliances significantly save our energy and efforts. We are dependent on them to fulfill our daily chores.  Electronic appliances are subjected to run for a long time however mishandling and improper use can affect its life and functioning. The dishwasher is one of the electronic appliances used to clean our dirty dishes.


dishwasher maintenance

Here are some basic tips to keep your dishwasher running admirably and giving you clean dishes for quite a while. Clean the sump filter twice per month according to Zalmen Pollak a specialist in electronic appliances repair, better believe it I know it’s a task, yet consider it for a moment. Where does the majority of the mud and waste from your dishes go to? Well, around 75% escapes with the wastewater, however, the rest winds up stuck in the sump filter. The majority of the water in each wash needs to go through the sump channel 20 or 30 times for every wash cycle. A messy channel will just deliver grimy dishes. Clean the sump filter twice every month.

Spray arms stop up constantly

The greater part of the water that is splashing over your dishes must go through the spray arms. The spray arms will get little bits of food which will get stuck inside them. This decreases the effectiveness of your machine. Evacuate and clean the spray arms in any event twice every year.

Put Sharp Knives Sharp End Down

Zalmen Pollak said I know it appears obviously evident; however, individuals have fallen on the opened entryway of a dishwasher and been critically harmed on a sharp blade or such like. Maybe a couple has even passed on account of sharp blades set cutting edge to wind up in the dishwasher.

Run A Self Clean Cycle Monthly

Your dishwasher strives to clean your dishes each day. Give it a free day every so often and run it unfilled, so it can clean itself.

Tip. When you run your dishwasher on a self-clean cycle or purge cycle. Begin the cycle, sit tight for around 20 minutes, then open the entryway and pour in around a ¼ jug of vinegar. Cocoa or white vinegar, it doesn’t make a difference. At that point close the entryway and simply let the dishwasher complete its cycle as typical.

Saving Money

Vinegar is substantially less costly than purchasing descaling tablets; it’s additionally a great deal all the more naturally amicable and has no negative effects on the water if the appliance dumps out to the water treatment plants.

Consider it. Do you truly expect a lubed up and grimy dishwasher to give you shimmering results without fail?

Cutlery Basket

Nowadays have a tendency to be made of low quality plastic, they separate much sooner than the dishwasher is prepared to be supplanted. All producers supply new cutlery wicker container as a new part, however, they are constantly extremely costly. Look at eBay. You can purchase a widespread dishwasher cutlery basket which will work extraordinary in your machine.

Zalmen Pollak is a specialized technician of electronic appliances. He provides free electronic repair to those who can’t afford the repairing however in return you will get training on electronic repair. In this way, Zalmen has trained several people and formed an electronic repair company to provide services to their clients.

Zalmen Pollak 5 Energy Efficient Tips For Fridges

Zalmen Pollak 5 Energy Efficient Tips For Fridges

Maybe it’s been more than ten years since you bought a fridge which means it probably wasn’t the best choice for being energy efficient. But if it is still in good working order there are ways to save money and power until you can buy the one with the top energy star rating.

Keep the fridge clean and well maintained. Dust and grime on the coils at the back of the unit will force the compressor to work harder. Wiping up spills as they occur will make the job easier, so you won’t need to keep the door open for as long. Check the rubber seals and replace as soon as they start to wear out or come away from the edges.

Do you need the beer or bar fridge to run all year? If a fridge has little in it there is really no need to keep it running all the time. It is great to have that extra cooling area for beer and soft drinks in peak holiday times or for parties and special occasions, but for the rest of the year you might be able to make do with one fridge or the next time you need to buy a fridge you could look at getting the larger size.

The air needs to circulate if you want your refrigerator to run efficiently so move things away from the side and rear walls. This will also stop condensation from building up. In some fridges this condensation will freeze, then eventually melt into your vegetable crisper at the bottom or worse still create a pool of water over the floor.

An overly crowded fridge means the door will be open longer as people struggle to find what they are looking for. It also means the compressor will have to continually cut in to get the air to the correct temperature. Two thirds full are telling you the fridge may be too big for your needs.

Cool leftovers before placing in refrigerator. As soon as hot air enters the cooler temperature inside the motor is going to kick and have to run longer to running longer to maintain the regulated temperature.

An open fridge door lets the cool air out and the heat in. Keeping the opening time down to a minimum is a must if you want to cut your energy use. Instead of continually going back and forth while preparing a meal, think about what you need ahead of time, open the door once and get everything out at the same time.

Teach children not to stand in opposite of the fridge with the door wide open while they decide what they want. If the old fridge is nearing its use by date, look carefully at the units on the market that have a high energy efficiency rating. The initial investment might be more than the fridges that use more power, but this is the best opportunity you’ll have to reduce your power bills for the next ten years.

Zalmen Pollak tips wolf Oven buying


Best Wolf ovens are incredibly popular for most kitchens of today and they are essential appliances that no homeowner should be without. While a lot of people doubt the wisdom of that, once you’ve actually bought your first oven, you’re going to be wondering how you have been able to be without one up to now!

While the older ovens were somewhat useful, the latest ovens of today have many added new functions despite their smaller size. They consume rarely any energy, they prepare and pre-heat very fast, and all these benefits make them the perfect small appliance in the kitchen, particularly if you want to buy separately a Wolf oven .

You will find Wolf ovens in various colors and styles, with varying functions, so make your due persistence before purchasing your new piece. Taking care of, you might want to consider is to buy an oven that fits well in your kitchen decoration and ambiance. There will be many models that will fit correctly in with your own kitchen.

Another aspect of concern is how much space you have for your new Wolf oven. When there are many sizes to choose from, you may need to measure the place in advance, so you buy the right one for your own personal kitchen. For a small kitchen, you desire a compact model, while for a larger cooking area you will get a much higher model with additional functions included.

You also need to think about the source of heating. When the many models use a regular heating factor, you can also find some with convection heat, which makes heating of food faster than the traditional varieties. You can also use ovens with infrared heating, however, this type is rather reducing when you compare it with the other two varieties. For example, you may not be able to use glass or paper in such an oven. Also, this type has no broiling options.

Microwave Oven Maintenance Tips By Zalmen Pollak

Microwave Oven Maintenance Tips By Zalmen Pollak

The best microwave oven is a common household appliance. The idea simply refuses to work and may leave us confused and wondering what went wrong. Here are several common problems that can occur with the oven and a few microwave repair tips to resolve them.

Sometimes your microwave does not go to switch on. The first thing to check is the plug. Ensure that it is plugged in properly and the door is effectively closed and aimed. If there is a blown fuse you can replace that or reset to zero a tripped circuit breaker. Turn the switch on. If it does not work, then there might be other issues or else you may have to contact a professional.

In case the microwave keeps blowing fuses or tripping a breaker check its door switches. Find the door switch and take off the leads. Probe the terminus by using a volt ohm meter. Once the door is open the reading should be infinity and when closed it should be zero. If these readings are not correct, replace the swap and check again.

Sometimes the diode or the capacitor may be bad. Test the capacitor using the voltmeter. The reading should gradually increase to infinity. Test again by reversing the probes. The reading should be the same. If it is not, it is broken. Similarly, test the diode as well. The two readings have to be opposed. If they happen to be not you need to replace them. Although if you are not able to identify the problem, you need to call a professional.

The carousel may well not turn sometimes. It is driven by a tiny motor and is also not related to the heating system function. You have to examine the plastic drive coupling on which the tray is found and also the ring and roll assembly. You have to open the microwave cabinet to fix it.

If you believe that the microwave cooks unevenly or relatively slowly, examine the volts at the power supply. If it’s lower than 116 the trouble is with the electrical service. A bad motor can also cause a challenge. To check this, remove the grill at the bottom and check using the analog voltmeter after setting it to RX1 and removing a lead from the ports of the motor. You will have to replace the motor if the reading is infinity. Possibly the waveguide and the monitoring can cause problems.

The touchpad may work erratically or not work at all. If by any chance you touch-pad, has become wet, let it dry properly. Do not spray any cleaning liquid near it. In case you have insects in your kitchen, check for the invasion by insects. They are most likely to look under clear surfaces and in between circuit planks to feel the warmness. Cover the vents by placing a window mesh to keep away insects.

In case you still are not able to fix your microwave or find some other persisting problems you should contact a microwave repair professional for assistance.

Are you looking for reliable electric powered service for your in Rockland County, NY and Bergen Country NJ? If so, be sure to visit our website to find out about our electrical repair for your appliances.

Microwave Oven Maintenance Tips By Zalmen Pollak
How to Get the Most Out of Your Dishwasher/zalmen pollak

How to get the most of you Dishwasher/Zalman Pollak

1. Remember these basic rules first.

Prerinse dishes if they’re going to sit in the machine all day. But if you’re running a cycle right away, just scrape off the food and leave it at that.

Secure all plastics. If you don’t, blasts of water may cause these pieces to flip over, fall onto the heating element and melt.

Never stack items. The water spray won’t be able to reach (or clean) the dish that’s on top.

2. Load the bottom rack strategically.

Load plates and bowls so that the dirty side faces the water spray. Pots, pans and casseroles should angle down for the best cleaning results.

Watch out for utensils with long, thin handles.They might slip through the rack and prevent the spray arm from spinning freely.

Tuck flat pans and platters along the sides and back of the rack. Never place them in front, by the door ”” they’ll keep the detergent from reaching the dishes. (Tip: For extra side space, move your flatware basket to the center if possible.)

Make sure the forks and spoons don’t nest together. Place some handles up and others down so that all surfaces get washed.

Always separate your stainless steel and silver (or silver-plated) flatware. If the two types touch in the wash, a reaction may occur and the silver could pit.

3. Cups go in the top rack.

Place glasses and mugs between the tines ”” never on top. The tip of the prong can leave a water spot.

Angle cups as much as the rack design will allow to keep water from pooling on the base of the upside-down cups. Still got puddles? Unload the bottom rack first to avoid the drip-down.

Arrange wine glasses carefully. To help prevent breakage, don’t let them bump against one another or the top of the dishwasher.

4. Don’t stock up on too much detergent.

Powders, liquids and packets can all clean well. But the detergent has to be fresh or it won’t do the job. A good rule of thumb: Buy only what you can use up within two months. And you should always store it in a cool, dry spot (not under the sink, where the detergent can clump or deteriorate).

Tips To Remember When Purchasing Appliances/zalmen pollak

Purchasing a home appliance is a big deal, so it is important to know what you want ahead of time. Perhaps you will possibly want to make a checklist so you understand specifically what you will need and it will support you not simply from spending more money you got hoped, or from sales agents who are looking to sell you on unnecessary features of an appliance. Thus here’s what you will have to preserve in mind: price, features, and reviews.

If you have a small budget you could be drawn automatically to the cheapest priced machine. That isn’t always the best idea, until you possess found a great discount or a sale. Remember though that buying the cheapest appliance might conclude costing you more in the end as far as repairs go, which suggests you should really try to get the most bang out of your profit and purchase a high-quality equipment that will last a long time. Another quick tip to remember the moment purchasing an appliance is usually to measure twice and purchase once. You need to take measurements of exactly where the applying will be stationed in your house, as well as the doorways and corners. It can not fun when you have paid for the delivery and installation therefore you conclude seeing your product getting loaded on the back side of the truck again since it failed to fit through the door.


The next tip to remember when purchasing a great appliance is to consider what functions and features you will use verses what features may become unnecessary. You may search the web or check out showrooms to pick away an ideal appliance; be careful though because you may get tempted by expensive machines with state-of-the-art features. You don’t want to put cash-out for a great appliance if you understand that you won’t use fifty percent of the functions you paid for. Create a checklist of the features that you are seeking to find especially in order that you won’t get sidetracked by the new expensive features of the bigger end machines.

New kitchen appliances are an investment, therefore you should research cost and in addition go through customer reviews for the unit and brands you are actually contemplating purchasing. You could find these types of reviews and prices simply by doing a quick Google search, or on a site like Also, before you produce your final decision, you should look online to make certain the brand or style of appliance doesn’t have got any recalls or disorders in production.


To conclude, these tips should help you make an educated decision on what appliance to purchase for your home. Be sure you measure twice and purchase once, make an arranged of what features you are especially trying to find, also to research opinions for the model you may buy. This process can support save you a great deal of stress while you are shopping for a household appliance.

Lg washer mildew smell/by Zalmen pollak

If you have a LG washer,  that you bought . you should be extremely satisfied with its performance so far, but like most FL owners, want to do everything possible to avoid any mildew smells. the model has a special Tub Clean cycle, but you need to figure out how to run it, so today I called LG Customer Service to find out what needs to be doing to use this feature.

In addition to clarifying how to run the Tub Clean cycle, the Customer Service rep offered several other useful tips that you thought might be worth passing on.

1. The Tub Clean cycle. If you have this cycle on your model, the User  Guide (at least, in ours) is woefully inadequate in its explanation. First, press the Power On button. Second, press and hold the Tub Clean button (same as the Extra Rinse button) for 3 seconds until the Prewash button light comes on. Third, add bleach to the bleach dispenser. Fourth, press the Start button. I ran this today and was stunned to notice a fair amount of suds sloshing around the drum. Since this cycle is run with only the bleach (no detergent, softener, or clothes), it appears that detergent residue was still in there. Normal washing might not remove all the detergent residue, so it seems to make sense to take these extra measures to keep the residue from building up. Also, as new FL owners, we might be using more detergent than is needed, so we Âll try to cut back a bit more.

2. Whirl Out. The LG web site recommends using Whirl Out periodically. It was originally made for spas and whirlpool baths; we found it at Home Depot. The CS rep said to use it every 3 months as follows: Start the Tub Clean cycle. Instead of adding bleach into the bleach dispenser, put 4 oz. of Whirl Out into the DRUM. Then press the Start button. If your model does not have a Tub Clean cycle, just use the hottest available cycle with Whirl Out in the drum.

3. Drain Pump Filter. The CS rep said to clean this filter monthly (the User as Guide says nothing about frequency, and we had completely overlooked this step). I just did it and drained out 2 cups of water. There Âs also a pump filter that should be cleaned out as it traps lint and other foreign objects. Ours was pretty clean. Whole process took about 2 minutes. The CS rep said that this liquid sits there and provides moisture that fosters mildew.

The CS rep summarized as follows:

1. Leave the door open for about 15 minutes after every wash. Not necessary to wipe gaskets dry, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do so.

2. Use Whirl Out every 3 months.

3. Drain and clean the pump filter every month.

I know that calling any Customer Service department can be a real hassle, and we have had our share of horror experiences with other appliances. However, this guy was absolutely super.

Anyway, FWIW, I thought the info I learned might be helpful to other LG washer owners, and possibly to FL owners of other brands, too.

Zalmen Pollak Washing Machine Maintenance Tips
If you’d like your washing machine to keep running well for a long time to come it is wise to use these washing machine maintenance tips so you can get the most out of your appliance. Washers are put through multiple things that can cause it to wear down if not prevented or checked out on every three to half a year. Cleaning your machine and checking out other areas that might be problematic can help you keep your machine in tip-top shape.

The first washing machine maintenance tip to make sure your washing machine works smoothly are the fill and drain hoses. Over time passes these plastic or rubber hoses can wear down and finally cause breaks or ruptures, which might lead to a drinking water drop. Inspect your washer hoses every couple of months for any symptoms of breaks or deterioration. Most manufacturers suggest that you should replace the hoses every couple of years or so.

washing machine repair

The next washing machine maintenance tip is to check the leveling legs on your washer; if the legs aren’t level you’ll get vibration through the spin cycle. This may cause your washer to bang around, make a noisy racket, and even ‘walk’ from the wall… that’s not good for your machine. All you have to do to adjust the front and back legs so these are even, and close to the ground. Moving it closer to the floor can help keep it from vibrating. Some types of washer have self-adjusting legs, all you have to do is lift up the machine up a few inches and they’ll automatically level out.

You should also be checking your washer every couple of months for lint accumulation. Washing machines accumulate lint through the wash cycle, and rinse it down with the water during draining. Check the washer tube every month to ensure it isn’t getting blocked with lint. When you have a Maytag washing machine the lint is collected in the center tube of the agitator, it should be raised up and cleaned every three to half a year.

local appliance repair

Be sure you never overload your washing machine with clothes! This can shorten the lifespan of your appliance, and cause unnecessary strain on your washer hoses.

Your washer has either coated metallic or porcelain layered chipboard, and cleaning the outside of your washing machine is quite easy. Use some all-purpose cleaner dust, a scrubby sponge, and a rag to completely clean it. In the porcelain case with persistent staining you may use a non-abrasive cleaner and a rag.

Do not forget to always unplug your equipment before you do any sort of cleaning or repair work on them, failure to take action can cause serious damage to your appliances and yourself!