How to Choose the Right Laundry Appliances Zalmen pollak
If it’s time for a new clothes washer and dryer, these tips will help you select the models you’ll really love. Some come in matched pairs, but you may want to mix and match to find appliances with the features that are right for you.

How Big Should You Buy?

Most people buy clothes washers and dryers that are too large. They get swayed by the salesperson who pushes the 4.4 cubic foot washer and 7.4 cubic foot dryer that can do king-size quilts, hug pillows and your entire wardrobe in one load. The problem is, you may rarely use the capacity. When you run the washer and dryer below capacity, you are wasting energy, water and money. Choose capacities that will run full most or all of the time.
Do you Want Sanitizing Heat?
Quite a few washing machines are equipped with on-board heaters to boost the water temperature to levels certified by the National Safety Foundation (NSF). The heat is usually rated to kill the proverbial 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Who buys these machines? They are popular with those whose daily work and habits take them into crowded public places where germs are prevalent. Parents of young children also buy them, and they make sense if older adults are in the household since they tend to be more susceptible to serious consequences from illnesses.

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Steam Dryers are Hot – But Will You Use the Steam?
The steam function on the dryer is useful for removing wrinkles from clothing. It will reduce the need for ironing. If you launder your business attire instead of having it dry cleaned, then the steamer might come in quite handy, reducing ironing time significantly.

A second reason to consider steam is that it can be used to kill germs and bacteria on soft items that are non-washable. These items include pillows, children’s toys and stuffed animals. The steam function, like the sanitizing heat in the washer, will boost the cost. If you don’t plan to use it consistently, it’s not worth the price.

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Is the Extra Cost of Gas Worth It?

Gas dryers cost much less to run than electric dryers. They often cost a bit more to buy, and if you don’t have a gas line already, installation can be costly. If a gas line is in place, then the hands-down choice is a gas dryer. It heats up immediately to shorten drying times. Your utility bills will be lower because gas costs less.

If you need a gas line run, contact a plumber for an estimate. Then, take into consideration how long you intend to live in your current residence. If it’s just a few years, electric might be a cost-effective choice. If you intend to live there at least 3 years, the cost savings of gas might make installing a gas line a good choice.

When you buy a clothes washer and dryer with the right capacity, features and performance for your needs, you’ll be satisfied with it now and in the years to come.

How to choose right washer and dryer for your home
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Most people buy clothes washers and dryers that are too large. But you may rarely use the capacity. Choose capacities that will run full most or all of the time.
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