Lg washer mildew smell/by Zalmen pollak

If you have a LG washer,  that you bought . you should be extremely satisfied with its performance so far, but like most FL owners, want to do everything possible to avoid any mildew smells. the model has a special Tub Clean cycle, but you need to figure out how to run it, so today I called LG Customer Service to find out what needs to be doing to use this feature.

In addition to clarifying how to run the Tub Clean cycle, the Customer Service rep offered several other useful tips that you thought might be worth passing on.

1. The Tub Clean cycle. If you have this cycle on your model, the User  Guide (at least, in ours) is woefully inadequate in its explanation. First, press the Power On button. Second, press and hold the Tub Clean button (same as the Extra Rinse button) for 3 seconds until the Prewash button light comes on. Third, add bleach to the bleach dispenser. Fourth, press the Start button. I ran this today and was stunned to notice a fair amount of suds sloshing around the drum. Since this cycle is run with only the bleach (no detergent, softener, or clothes), it appears that detergent residue was still in there. Normal washing might not remove all the detergent residue, so it seems to make sense to take these extra measures to keep the residue from building up. Also, as new FL owners, we might be using more detergent than is needed, so we Âll try to cut back a bit more.

2. Whirl Out. The LG web site recommends using Whirl Out periodically. It was originally made for spas and whirlpool baths; we found it at Home Depot. The CS rep said to use it every 3 months as follows: Start the Tub Clean cycle. Instead of adding bleach into the bleach dispenser, put 4 oz. of Whirl Out into the DRUM. Then press the Start button. If your model does not have a Tub Clean cycle, just use the hottest available cycle with Whirl Out in the drum.

3. Drain Pump Filter. The CS rep said to clean this filter monthly (the User as Guide says nothing about frequency, and we had completely overlooked this step). I just did it and drained out 2 cups of water. There Âs also a pump filter that should be cleaned out as it traps lint and other foreign objects. Ours was pretty clean. Whole process took about 2 minutes. The CS rep said that this liquid sits there and provides moisture that fosters mildew.

The CS rep summarized as follows:

1. Leave the door open for about 15 minutes after every wash. Not necessary to wipe gaskets dry, although it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do so.

2. Use Whirl Out every 3 months.

3. Drain and clean the pump filter every month.

I know that calling any Customer Service department can be a real hassle, and we have had our share of horror experiences with other appliances. However, this guy was absolutely super.

Anyway, FWIW, I thought the info I learned might be helpful to other LG washer owners, and possibly to FL owners of other brands, too.

posted by zalmen pollak

Tips to remove mildew smell from lg washer
Tips to remove mildew smell from lg washer
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Leave the door open for about 15 minutes after every wash. Drain and clean the pump filter every month. Use Whirl Out every 3 months.
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