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Gas Range Repair

Gas ranges are generally user-friendly and easily repairable, with components designed for quick disassembly. Common malfunctions involve the gas supply and burner ignition. Regular and proper maintenance of key parts is crucial to prevent costly issues. Clogged burners, caused by food spillage, can block gas ports and hinder ignition. Gas ranges with electronic components like clocks, electronic ignition, and self-cleaning functions may require electricity for optimal performance. Appliance Medic offers expert gas range repair services for all brands and models.

To inquire about Gas Range Repair Service or maintenance services, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone at 845-617-1111. Our experienced team is well-versed in handling a wide range of Appliance Repair Service jobs using only the highest quality parts and techniques.

gas range

Common Gas Range Problems

  • Clogged burners
  • No flame control
  • The timer needs to be replaced
  • Flames are too high and make a roaring noise
  • Electronic ignition or spark module only works on-and-off

Choose Appliance Medic, Inc. for reliable Gas Range repair services. Benefit from free appraisals and make informed decisions for your repairs. Enjoy a 1-year warranty on labor and installed parts. Don’t let a malfunctioning Gas Range disrupt your life. Contact our passionate specialists for prompt solutions and exceptional service.

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