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Full-Service Appliance Repair and Maintenance in Rockland and Bergen Counties

full-service-appliance-repair-and-maintenance-ny-njAppliances have a bad habit of malfunctioning or breaking down when other stressful events are occurring in life. We depend on these machines every day to take care of the mundane washing, cleaning, heating and cooling benefits we enjoy in a home. Granted, it’s not like the machines have a mind of their own, but sometimes it sure feels like it. So it’s a good thing to have an expert appliance repair company on-hand and available when problems crop up. For the Bergen County and Rockland County region, that expert help is Appliance Medic, Inc.

Appliance Medic provides its customers with a comprehensive, go-to source for appliance repair and maintenance. Regardless of the machine, Appliance Medic technicians know how to deal with it and related operational problems. Issues can involve minor or major repair needs; Appliance Medic handles them all.

Since the turn of the 21st century, Appliance Medic Inc. has been operating and serving customers with the business goal of making sure homeowners get the most out of their home appliances. This includes speedy and reliable service repair as well as friendly guidance on how to properly operating an appliance.

All of Appliance Medics equipment technicians come with factory-training certification as well as bond insurance for the work performed. Since 1999 the company has been building experience and combined training, providing customers with top-notch service and expertise in appliance repair. So irrespective of the appliance, whether it be a microwave or a clothes dryer, Appliance Medic is here to help and would be honored to receive your service call.

Common appliance repair categories include the following:

It’s a common response to ignore when an appliance may be giving off signs of trouble. They usually start small and can be easily ignored. However, appliance mechanical malfunctions tend to grow and affect more and more of the unit, until what could have been a small repair becomes a very serious one. In some cases, it could result in having to replace the appliance entirely.

Ignoring appliance issues can also have other ripple effects on daily life:

  • Energy consumption by a faulty appliance can be far more than necessary. Most appliances utilize electricity for power. When a unit starts to have issues, it can either demand more power to operate, or it can produce fewer results for the electricity being used to run the appliance. Either way, it’s a cost to a homeowner’s wallet, and electricity these days is not cheap.
  • When an appliance has a catastrophic failure, it will likely cause some serious property damage to the immediate area. Water-functioning appliance can leak and flood the area, causing serious water damage to flooring, drywall and nearby furniture. A heating system or faulty wiring in an appliance can start a fire. A stopped clothes dryer exhaust can also be a source of a home fire as well.

Of course, an immediate solution may be to just go and buy a new appliance. However, many existing appliances still have years of life on them with the proper repair and care, which Appliance Medics can provide their customers. Our clients get a full review on whether a complete replacement is necessary or not so they make an informed decision.

We can be reached any time and customers will be connected with a certified technician either by phone or email. We are here to serve the Rockland and Bergen County areas with top-notch service, skill, expertise, and results.