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How to Fix a Gas Stove that’s Not Lighting

When you’re cooking and your gas stove or cooktop isn’t lighting correctly, it might be annoying. This is a typical problem that many homeowners have; it may be solved with a quick fix or by hiring an expert. Continue reading to discover how to troubleshoot a gas stove that isn’t lighting. Gas stove repair services might be necessary to avail when things go beyond troubleshooting.

1. Common Problems with Gas Stoves or Cooktops

It can be annoying when a cooktop won’t light and sometimes calling for cooktop repair service is recommended. But there are a few things you can do by yourself to fix it!

There are two straightforward causes for a gas stove not to light:

  • Not enough gas is available to fire the burner.
  • The burner isn’t lit by a spark.

Let’s discuss further.

Gas Stove not Lighting

No Gas

Make sure the gas supply valve behind the stove is turned on if none of the burners ignite. The gas line and the gas valve handle should be lined up. Once you are certain that the gas is on, do the following.

How to Fix it

  • Remove the burner cap and place it somewhere.
  • Find a brass-colored object with a tiny hole in the middle by using a flashlight. We refer to this as the gas orifice.
  • Get a metal paper clip straight and as long as you can.
  • Insert the end of the paperclip that has been straightened into the little hole in the middle of the brass component. Within the gas burner, the hole is typically less than one inch deep, although it can reach a depth of up to four inches.
  • To remove any obstruction, turn the paperclip in the hole four full rotations.
  • Take out the paper clip.
  • Replace the burner cap. Verify that it rests entirely flat. It might need to be moved around a little to sit perfectly flat against the stove.
  • Check the burner on your gas stove. At this point, the flame ought to be stronger and ignite instantly.

No Spark

In the event that your burner doesn’t spark, take the actions listed below:

How to Fix It?

Check the oven to make sure your gas burner is receiving power. If you don’t have electricity, you might need to plug in your stove or switch on the stove’s breaker. You can probably do it yourself if the heating in your gas oven isn’t working properly.

When your burner turns on and makes a clicking sound but doesn’t light up:

  • Use an alcohol-soaked cotton swab to thoroughly wipe the white porcelain igniter. Additionally, use a cotton swab to wipe the metal burner cap.
  • Give the burner another go. Try option three, which involves giving the metal burner head components a thorough cleaning, if you continue to hear clicking but don’t see a spark.

Clicking but no Spark

Even after cleaning the igniter and confirming that the gas is flowing, if there is still no spark and you can hear clicking:

How to Fix it?

  • Remove the burner cap. Make sure to clean the burner cap’s underside completely with your wire brush.
  • To thoroughly clean the burner cap, use an electrical cleaner or alcohol.
  • The burner head is the next component of the burner assembly to be lifted off. It might be secured with big nuts or screws. Take out all the bolts and raise it off.
  • Any holes in the burner head can be cleaned out with the straightened paperclip. Sometimes the holes are quite small, so be sure to look closely.
  • Using an electrical cleaner or wire brush and alcohol, thoroughly clean the metal burner head.
  • Examine the region where the burner head is located and use an electrical cleaner or wire brush to clean it until it is shining.
  • Make that the metal burner assembly is spotless throughout. The burner’s metal components all fit together perfectly. When the burner is clean, it establishes a solid electrical ground connection, allowing sparks to leap from the igniter’s tip to the burner.
  • A filthy or loose burner component can weaken the ground connection, preventing sparks from jumping.
  • During cooking, burner elements frequently fall out of place or become smeared in grease and food scraps. The burner may not light correctly due to a weak spark caused by misaligned parts or debris during cooking.
  • You should always get a strong spark to light the burner after carefully aligning and cleaning all of the pieces.

Reasons Why Your Gas Stove is Not Lighting

Reasons Why Your Gas Stove is Not Lighting

Because the burner or burners are moist or dusty, the electrode is not positioned correctly, or the burner head and cap are not matched properly, gas surface burners frequently light slowly or not at all. If the appliance is powered on but the burners are not igniting, you can check the following.

1. Burner Holes Clogged

Grease, food scraps, and other debris can build up over time and obstruct the tiny openings that allow gas to pass through. A weak or nonexistent flame may arise from this obstruction preventing the right blend of gas and air from being present.

This problem can be fixed by carefully removing the burners and thoroughly and gently cleaning out any obstructions with a toothbrush or soft brush. Anything fishy besides this, contact us right away!

2. Ignitor not Working

The igniter needs to be positioned correctly in order to produce the spark required to ignite the gas. The igniter will not provide the required spark if it is not properly oriented, necessitating correction.

If your stove isn’t igniting and you’re sure the igniter is the cause but it’s clean and positioned correctly search for indications of wear and/or damage, such cracks, discolouration, or a worn-out tip. The igniter in your stove may eventually wear out and need to be replaced. To find a compatible igniter, check online or at your neighborhood hardware store. When replacing it, according to the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Ignitor not Working

3. Gas Leaking or Pressure Issues

A gas leak may keep gas from getting to the burner on your stove and from starting to burn. Likewise, issues with gas pressure may potentially impact the flow of gas to the burner on your stove. These problems need to be fixed right away since they could endanger your safety, particularly if your gas stove was left on.

It is imperative that you shut off the gas supply and get in touch with an expert right once if you think there may be a gas leak. For your gas range to operate safely, a gas appliance specialist can evaluate the situation, find any leaks, and fix pressure problems.

4. Gas Supply Problems

The gas valve may not open all the way if there is a leak in the gas line or obstruction. Verify whether the gas valve is open and ascertain whether anything is preventing it from doing so. It’s possible that your stove’s gas supply was accidentally turned off and that it just has to be turned back on.

5. Dirty or Wet Burner

Apart from the burner holes, the igniter of your stove may also get clogged with dirt, grease, and debris, which can hinder the ignition process. Using a soft cloth or a little brush, carefully clean this as well to make it better. Prior to lighting the stove, check sure the igniter is dry after clearing the build-up.

Faulty Stove A nob

6. Faulty Stove Knob

The control knob on your stove may be broken or malfunctioning, which might stop the gas from reaching the burner and prevent it from lighting. Verify that the control knob is firmly in place and spins smoothly to see whether that’s the problem.

Should it feel slack or not rotate smoothly, it might require replacement. Additionally, make sure the control knob is positioned correctly for ignition. You should get help from a stove repair service near you if the issue persists.

Gas Stove Repair Services Near Me

Although we have tried our best to cover everything that can go wrong with a cooktop and ways to fix it, still if we have missed out anything or you think your gas stove is acting strange then give us a call. Appliance Medic excels in cooktop/gas stove repair services. Let us help diagnose the problem and fix your appliance in no time.

Our local repair technicians receive ongoing training and specialize in repairing and maintaining range. We’re just a call or click away! Schedule your repair service appointment online or contact us at 845 617 1111 or 201 589 2399 today. We cover all top models of ranges, no matter from where you bought them.


Whether it’s worth repairing a stove depends on the extent of the damage, the age of the appliance, and the cost of repair versus replacement.
It’s generally better to repair an appliance if the cost of repair is significantly lower than buying a new one and if the appliance has more life left in it after repairs.
For cooktop repair services in NY & NJ available 24×7, you can consider Appliance Medic. We offer comprehensive repair services for various appliances, including cooktops, with a focus on prompt and reliable assistance. You can contact them directly to inquire about their availability and service coverage in your area.
Ranges combine a cooktop and oven in one unit. Cooktops are standalone cooking surfaces without an oven. Stoves can refer to either the entire range appliance or just the cooktop portion, depending on context.

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