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Microwave Oven Repair

A microwave is a very helpful appliance yet not many people realize that it is one of the most dangerous as well. Even when the microwave is unplugged, there is a possibility of a serious electrical shock that can come from the components inside. Therefore, it is strongly advised that only a qualified appliance repair technician perform any repair, no matter how minor.

As with every other appliance, a microwave needs maintenance in order to prolong the usage. It is advisable to periodically check your microwave. Noticing anything unusual right away might prevent bigger issues later on.

For example, if you see that there is a lot of dust or dirt around or inside the ventilation holes, it has to be removed. Doing so will reduce the chance of overheating the microwave. Cleaning your microwave interior often will prevent damage to your unit as well.

We are reachable via email and telephone: 845-617-1111 or 201-589-2399, so if you’re interested in repairing or even maintaining your microwave please don’t delay to drop us a line. We have already handled microwave repair jobs of all of the sorts and never use anything at all but the best microwave repair parts and methods.

Be cautious of operating a microwave oven that is empty inside. When you use a microwave oven to heat up food or drink, it releases super-high-frequency sound energy which is absorbed by the contents inside. However, if there is nothing to absorb this energy, it will go into the actual microwave, thus permanently damaging the magnetron or internal microwave antenna. Exteriors, such as touchpad controls, door hardware, and other trim pieces, tend to last longer when they’re kept clean. Microwave ovens are more prone to damage from voltage spikes, due to their solid-state circuitry inside. To protect your microwave, it is recommended you plug your microwave into a surge suppressor that is suitable for your specific appliance. To keep the microwave energy inside, the microwave oven’s door must be in good condition. If it is in any way damaged or the seal doesn’t fit correctly, schedule an appointment with a qualified repair technician.

Common problems in Microwave Ovens:

  • The display is not working
  • Sparking inside
  • Microwave door does not open
  • Exhaust fan not working
  • Makes loud sounds
  • Microwave stops after a few seconds
  • There is no heat

Whether it is maintenance or repair when you call in an expert you will be saving money in the long run. You’ll be able to get a lot more out of your appliances rather than having to replace them. Don’t go at it alone, there are experts waiting to help you out with quality microwave repair.

Appliance Medic, Inc. makes the effort to keep your appliance working and has the ability to provide our clients with free appraisals with the repair so you can make a well-informed decision on exactly how to repair your microwave problems. We even offer a 1-year warranty on labor as well as repair parts that were installed. If a not working or inoperative microwave has been literally making your life a lot more challenging, please do not delay to seek solutions from our specialists. We bring our passion with regard to our work and respect for our clients to each and every job.