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Unconventional Tips for Dryer Fire Safety

We usually wash & dry our clothes in our daily routine and in order to perform this task easily & faster we use an appliance which is referred as Dryer. With the help of a dryer, even a heap of clothes takes less time than the washing by hands and the drying component in fact works faster and gives us dry clothes in a short while.

However, such appliances work with the help of electricity and to make sure that it is in working condition for a longer period, it needs proper care & maintenance.

Appliance medic suggests several tips to keep your dryer safe from fire and to give you the best performance in all conditions.

  • Get your dryer installed from Professional Technicians

Professional Technicians install the appliances with due care & cautions. They have proper knowledge of each component of the appliances so that they take care of everything that may create faults in your appliance. So, the case is the same with the dryers too. These professionals should be knowledgeable about all different kinds of units–from gas and electric dryers to washer/dryer combos.

The technicians know how reducing bend in the pipe is important because lint is collected there. Apart from this, If the distance from the vent to your dryer is substantial, they can install a dryer vent fan for you to speed up airflow through the duct each time the dryer runs.

So, it is suggested to get your dryer installed from Professionals to make sure that any potential hazard is taken care of properly.

  • Flammable- free Surrounding Area

Although the Lint coming out of the dryer is considered the flammable thing that is generally swept up regularly, if there are any other flammables kept nearby your dryer, they also need to be disposed of before it piles up to reduce the probability of catching fire. It is suggested to clean the dust and lint properly, instead you can vacuum it up for a hassle-free service. Such dryer safety tips are unconventionally used in the households in the world at large.

  • Service your dryer at an interval

Appliance Medic suggests that the primary reason behind clothes dryers catching fires is failure to clean and maintain them. No service or service at a long interval also can cause appliance failure. So, it is always suggested to get your appliance repaired by professional technicians.

Also, check behind the dryer where lint has a tendency to build up. You should clean your dryer once in a year and perform inspections of the hose and vent for any blockages after an interval of six months.

It is always a wise decision to employ only certified dryer exhaust technicians for servicing your dryer and to clean the interior of the dryer chassis once in a year.

Additionally, such practice will minimize the amount of lint that accumulates as well as give you a professional opinion of the safety status of your unit. An experienced technician can also inspect the venting and exhaust system.