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Fire Dryer Saftey

Washing our clothes is one of the regular activities that we perform every day. As we all know, before the introduction of the dryer, clothes used to be washed by hand. Since the dryer has been introduced, we use it for washing & drying our clothes effortlessly. It also protects our hands & saves our time. Although the dryer is a good appliance, from a safety perspective, it also has several things that need to be taken care of.

We know the fact that such appliances work with the help of electricity and to make sure that it is in working condition for a longer period, it needs proper care & maintenance.

Do you know how to save your dryer from catching fire?

Only Lint? … Nope. There are certain other factors too that can also create a disastrous fire from your dryer.

Although the Lint coming out of the dryer is considered a flammable thing, and if it reaches the dryer’s vent collectively, then the electric spark generated in the ignition could lead to a dryer fire.

Moreover, the majority of cases of dryer fire have occurred due to the highly flammable lint, so people, being aware of the fact, usually sweep it away.

Additionally, if there are any other flammables kept nearby your dryer, they also need to be disposed of before it piles up to reduce the probability of catching fire.

It is suggested to clean the dust and lint properly, instead, you can vacuum it up for best performance twice a year. Such dryer fire safety is adopted in households in the world at large.

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