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Dryer Not Heating? How to Fix It

There is a reason why we call it dryers. They are intended to truly dry your clothes. So, if your clothing is still wet after running a load through the dryer, your appliance isn’t working properly.

Before you panic, keep in mind that not all dryer problems necessitate a technician’s visit. Appliance Medic’s expert technicians offer tips on diagnosing common problems that might cause a dryer to not heat up — as well as simple solutions to solve them.

The Most Common Reasons Why your Dryer is Not Heating

The Dryer Vent is Jammed

This is the most common cause of an electric dryer not heating. To determine if the venting is restricted, start a timed dry on high heat. Go to the exhaust vent outside and use your hand to ensure the air is very warm and exiting at a reasonable rate.

If air flow is restricted, clean venting or replace as necessary. If the temperature is low, the dryer may be having an operational problem. Contact a qualified service professional.

Improper or No Electricity or Gas Supply to the Dryer

Is there an adequate electrical or gas supply to the dryer? Dryers acquire their power from a 240-volt circuit fed by two 120-volt wires. If only one of the lines is operational, the dryer will start but not heat up. With gas, the device will not heat if the gas is turned off. Both difficulties should be addressed by a specialist.

Clogged Lint Screen

If your lint screen is clogged or unclean, it reduces airflow and keeps clothing from drying. Remove as much additional lint as you can, then immerse the lint screen in hot water and dish soap. If necessary, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the screen clean.

Dryer Vent is Jammed

Uneven Loads

Which type of load are you drying? If you mixed large and tiny goods, this could be the issue. Washing and drying similar goods together is essential for proper functioning.

This is especially true during the auto dry cycle. Putting towels and sheets together can cause the dryer to heat at a lower temperature and occasionally shut off, believing the materials are dry. The smaller, lighter clothing will dry, while the larger, heavier things will remain damp.

The Washer Leaves Garments Overly Moist

The dryer may not even be to blame; the problem could be with the washer. If your washing machine isn’t fully draining or spinning enough water out of the clothes, the dryer will have a tougher time doing its work.

Signs You Should Hire a Dryer Repair Expert

When your dryer stops working, it’s preferable to have a technician from Appliance Medic assess and repair the problem rather than trying to fix it yourself. There can be multiple issues to look out for in your dryer that might require an expert attention:

  • Dryer not Spinning
  • Dryer making loud noises
  • Dryer Squeaking
  • Dryer Not getting Hot
  • Dryer Smells like Burning
  • Dryer not Spinning but Heating

If your dryer is experiencing any of these situations then you might want to rethink trying to repair it all by yourself.

Dryer spinner repair

A Malfunctioning Thermal Fuse

When your dryer blows a thermal fuse, you’ll likely need to book an appointment with an Appliance Medic repair expert to evaluate and repair it. A blocked exhaust vent duct system typically causes the thermal fuse to blow. When hot exhaust air cannot pass through the duct system to the outside of your home, the dryer overheats and the thermal fuse trips.

Other faults, such as defective thermostats or temperature sensors, can cause the thermal fuse to fail. Having a service specialist diagnose and repair the problem ensures that it is fixed correctly and permanently.


A Broken Heating Element

When the heating element in your dryer breaks, the device will cease heating and your clothing will not dry. Sometimes the heating element can short to the metal inside the cabinet, posing an electrocution risk. When the dryer’s heating element fails, it is advisable to have a service specialist inspect and fix it.

A Faulty Thermostat

Thermostats within the dryer regulate drying temperature and keep it from overheating. When a thermostat fails, the dryer may overheat or not heat at all. Because dryers often have many thermostats, it’s preferable to have a service specialist inspect and repair the problem.

Dryer Repair

A Faulty Timer Motor

A dryer with a dial timer usually features a timer motor that moves the control dial during the cycle. If the dial does not move and the dryer continues to cycle without stopping, the timer motor may be malfunctioning. Other issues may prohibit the control dial from moving to the conclusion of the cycle, thus it is critical to have a service expert diagnose and repair a timer failure.

A Complicated Electrical or Gas Issue

Some electrical problems are far too complex for DIYers to diagnose and repair on their own. Finding and resolving electrical problems can be risky. Furthermore, detecting and resolving problems with a gas dryer’s gas supply system might be hazardous. If you can’t figure out why your dryer won’t operate or heat, schedule an appointment with our technician to diagnose and repair it.

Troubleshoot Your Dryer Issues

Many appliance repair DIYers watch YouTube videos and fix their dryers themselves. Although sophisticated repairs on gas and electric dryers are unsafe and costly, you may be able to troubleshoot some fundamental dryer faults yourself by viewing our safe and simple DIY repair tutorials.


Trust Appliance Medic’s Dryer Repair Technicians to Get the Job Done

Appliance Medic’s dryer repair services along with our professionals consist of all of the main dryer brands, including Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Samsung, GE, LG, and Kenmore. We can fix your dryer regardless of where you purchased it.

Appliance Medic provides over 2,500 local repair professionals across the United States that are highly trained and skilled to repair your dryer.

Our technicians have fixed over a million laundry appliances in the last year, so they have the necessary skills to repair your dryer properly. When your dryer fails, contact the national leader in appliance repair.

It’s also a good idea to prevent these difficulties before they become a problem that requires professional repair. Get your dryer serviced and cleaned once a year. Dryers are the leading cause of house fires, so keep yours in good working order.

Experts at Appliance Medic will vacuum extra lint, inspect the venting, and ensure that the electrical components, drum rollers, motor, and electric heating element or, if it’s gas, gas burner assembly are running well. Schedule service online with Appliance Medic now and get your dryer up and about today.